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Museum Schnütgen

Re-opening of museum Schnütgen in the new building in Cologne. (24.10.2010)
The young boy is almost 3 years old. He lost for some seconds his father.

Here is some more “camelopardali (giraffe)”:

Or here wauwau >>


Berlin visit

Waiting for the train in Berlin Hauptbahnhof.


Fountain somewhere in the center of Berlin, near Alexanderplatz.
The young boy is almost 3 years old.


[Cologne 08.11.2009]

He is at that time 22 months old.

Experimental Music Composition on Keyboard

[Cologne, Sunday 08.11.2009]

The young improviser plays some notes over a recorded composition of him self. The boy is 22 Months old.

And here is the making of:

Real vulcanian

Jounioridis vulcanian mister Spock (Star Treck)

Styling and Illustration HG (Cologne 2010.02.11)

From the blog “Junior in Cologne”
Here you can compare with: Mister Spock picture.

Spockobama, the Obama Star Treck versionCheck out the Obama-version: Spockobama!

The Christmas Tree

Junioridis tries to move our Christmas tree in to the kitchen and then out of the kitchen:

the Zoo

Cologne zoo, Monday 13.07.2009 (picture from H.G.)

Cologne zoo, Monday 13.07.2009 (picture from H.G.)

I tuck the picture from this blog-post:  Junior’s First Visit to the Zoo