Composing on the piano


Young Canadian pianist


4 responses to “Composing on the piano

  1. Watch out Glenn Gould, here I come!

  2. This year baah-baah, goo-goo, next year the Goldberg Variations.

  3. Αγγελική

    Καλά, άμα βγει κανένας John Cage να σας δω!

  4. Το είδος της μουσικής που παίζει προς το ύφος του John Cage πάει …

    John Cage: “Music for Marcel Duchamp” (1947)
    Tim Ovens plays John Cage · Sonata IV for Prepared Piano

    Λίστα περί John Cage στο youtube

    Επίσης ασκείται σε παραλλαγές και ελεύθερους ανασχεδιασμούς πάνω στο κομμάτι 4’33” (!)

    The audience saw him sit at the piano and, to mark the beginning of the piece, close the keyboard lid. Some time later he opened it briefly, to mark the end of the first movement. This process was repeated for the second and third movements. The piece had passed without a note being played—in fact without David Tudor (the pianist), (or anyone else) having made any deliberate sound as part of the piece. Only then could the audience recognize what Cage insisted upon, that “There is no such thing as silence. Something is always happening that makes a sound.” The premiere of the three-movement 4’33” was given by David Tudor on August 29, 1952 in Woodstock, New York as part of a recital of contemporary piano music.

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